light key

by GuyRomeo

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Copyright Guy Moore Productions 2014.


released December 7, 2014

Produced by Guy Moore
Music by Lino Romeo
Vocals by Guy Moore
Recorded by Lino Romeo at the Tank Turret Studio
Additional instruments and mixing by Hamish Dyson ElectricladyLAN Studio



all rights reserved


That Eclectic Netlabel Newcastle, Australia

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Track Name: concrete heart

By Guy Moore

I'm proud! To be, unaustralian! Weird, different! Bizarre!
Genuine, genius! Natural! Normal...

You're, abnormal! Is why, you're normal!

From, a seed! To, a sapling! (A) sapling! To, a tree!
To, a trunk! (With bark)

The man, with branches! To make, more seeds! I see!

It's a, good thing! The heart! Has, no brain!

The bin, people! I use, to be! A bit, like you... I was...

Close, your mind! And, open! Your heart! I'm, free range!

The mess, you make! Is, your mess!

With no, disease! I am, not! A man!

Rules, work! In reverse! Smoke screen!

(We'll) we all, live! And, die! With, our thoughts!

You, are! Your answer!

Black death, witch! We went, to, the same, school!

Black, death! Wish! We went, to, the same! School...

Love, is love! I've designed, a shrine! That's, my son!
Kid tung, sang som! A tare! Of, the paper!

A tear! For, the piper!

A friend! And, a foe! Is the, same thing!

Ancient perfection! Now's, your time! Her, sweet mind...
women rhymes... call me, "gay"! Okay!

What else, that's it! Cool... and disappointing, blaze'!

Bum-bum, bum-bum... My ego's, my friend!

Bum-bum.. bum, bum! My ego's, my friend...

(By pass the ego to the brain!)

By pass, the brain! Through, the heart!

Get the, answer! From, the heart!

Through (via), the brain! Skip, the scum!

(Sum) of, the brain! And filter...

Secretary, of Hitler! Young! Dumb! (Nazi) inbred, scum!

A concrete, merry-go round! With a, concrete heart!

Love, is love! Shaman, seaman!

God, if I, have sex! With, the woman! Of, the flesh!

How will, I feel? I got, to know! To sew, my seed!

Of guilt! Under, the quilt!

Not, to sew! But, to love! And, to know!

Make, love! Is what, God! Surely, wants!

Where, and when! I will, surely know!
Track Name: nicky the grass eater

By Guy Moore

(Kids picture book, for adults too!)

A story about a young boy called nicky who was walking home
in the long green grass one day.

He thought to himself "this is boring... I'm just walking
home, not doing anything interesting. I don't have a ball
to kick, I might eat some grass"

So nicky started to eat the long green grass making it shorter
like a lawnmower with his bum stuck up in the air.

While he was eating the grass, another boy called mooky saw
him and thought; this is weird, this different... I feel
awkward, should I eat some grass? I don't want to eat some
grass, hey people don't eat grass, nicky's making me think
stupid thoughts- he must be the devil! I don't know what to
do! Aahhh! I'm going crazy! Aahhh!

And mooky went and painted a red circle on nicky's bum, then
kicked his bum! "Ow!" Nicky cried, "don't do that, I'm
peacefully eating grass hurting no one... my spirit and soul
smiles inside like a bright lamp light"

"Sorry" mooky said "that's okay... learn, we all make
mistakes, and don't do it again, otherwise your ears will
stink like cat pooh! You'll have yucky stinky ears!" Nicky
said and started laughing,

"hey, don't say that, it's disturbing..." mooky said with a
cheeky smile.

"I'm just joking... Lets be positive, and think of something
to help people, not hurt people. I'm not a cow!" Said nicky

"Yeah... that's funny... that's a good idea" said mooky
"Not paint a red spot on peoples pants and kick them in the
bum!" He continued his thoughts; this is weird, this is
interesting, hey, I want to stand out in the crowd too! Am
I a business genius ideas man? Yes I AM! And he borrowed
some money from his dad and bought a circus tent and sold
one hundred dollar tickets to watch "nicky the grass eater".

All the people came and laughed and said "look! That boy is
eating grass! He's really stupid! It's a good thing me or
my son don't waste our time eating grass-- he should spend
his time and money to tease people in a tent doing something
they enjoy... that's a good point!" Said the stupid evil

Nicky's parents didn't care because they got rich taking
fifty per cent of all ticket sales.

Nicky got sick eating all that grass.

He turned green...

Then one day he started to grow fur, then a tail... Then
hooves and horns! And then suddenly udders!

Nicky was turning into a cow!

Nicky said to mooky "what do I do?" "Eat some grass?" Said
mooky. Nicky said "moo!" And began to eat some more grass.

A man who had just bought a ticket said "hey, that's not
interesting, or special. It's just a ordinary cow eating
grass, so what?" "This circus (sucks) stinks!" Said an
angry woman, and they all walked out of mooky's tent.

People stopped coming to see nicky, the cow, eating grass...
so mooky had to go back to school and work on his "genius"

(Picture mooky as old big dumb kid in school looking uncool
and miserable)

Nicky's parents got there old boring jobs back,

And there son nicky, was happy, he was a cow, eating long
green grass.
Track Name: person (the wolf)

(The wolf)

I'll be, proud! To be, labelled, a rude! Abusive, person!

The devils, den...

Don't, shit out! More, than your, spirit!

Net, worth...

Don't, make more, shit! Than, spirit! Person!

Egg, birth...

It's a, beautiful... Person! Yeah right!

I skip, in, my dreams... bruised, and abused!

I wasn't, raised, too well... I'm sure, you, can tell...

Beats, the teachers, pet! No literally...

I beat! The teachers, pet! Financially...

It wasn't, easy, either! Tarzan, was, my teacher!

And chimps, are strong! My teacher, was new age...

Lions, bite! And tigers, scratch!

It was, still, a good, match!

Where's, my hat! Existentially...

You tried, man... You tried! But you, made me, stronger!

Thank you... White! Stands, out! On, black...

Black! Stands, out! On, white...

I guess, I, was right, ooo'... Too tight!


Livin' by, the school, rules! Doesn't pay,

Ask the, school teacher! The credential, speaker!

Lies! As, answers! Making (make), you weaker,

The wolf, in! The sheeps', skin! Mother, and kin!

All leads, to sin,

Livin' by, the school, rules! Doesn't, pay!

Ask your, teacher! Unless, you like...

The fringe, benefits! Of bullying, little kids,

Send them, a sexy, sms! Ms, pederast!

Mister, master!

Livin' by, the schools! Rules! Doesn't pay!

Kiss me, harder! You'll find, hell! One day!

Livin' by, the school, rules... Does not, pay...

But government, rate! When you're, forty eight!


Reality! Is, a lie! I'm not, a uniform, person!

Ken, and Barbie! Bimbo, a la', carte', baby!

As water, washes, away! Mud! Light, washes away, dark!

We have, to be, tough! To master, the fake! World!

So we, can, escape! Reality!

(Forget) from, the fake world!

To live, a life! In, the real, world! Not, my world!

Not, your world! Our world... Is not, a world!

But a, sand box! Used! The human, hoax!

Jesus! Give it, a rake... un-used!

The devils, sick! Consciousness! Is, a myth!

Used! Jesus! Give it, a rake! un-used...

Gives your, imagination! An ache! A bruise!

The human, hoax!

Use, the fun! Of, music waves!

And leave, pain! In, a daze...

So we, can live! In, the real, world! Gods world!

We choose, our pain! Not our, starting point!

We choose! Our, finishing point! Is, the same! (Point)

Is our (my), next! Starting, point! Now, I am, yours...


Sounds like, your dealing, with, a, bitter cunt!

She's probably, a racist! And sexually, frustrated...

Sound like, some one, you know?

She, chooses! To be, angry! Towards, you! Because...

It doesn't, matter! Reality! Is, a lie!

The real, truth! Is not, known...

Is why, we act! Like, stupid fools!

Because, we're... (We are), stupid fools!

We make, God, cringe! With our, righteousness!

And stumble, when we, can't, laugh! At, our plans...

It has! To be, fucked!

Because, that's, God's! (One thousand year) plan...

Oh yeah! Look around, no! Don't look!

Close, your eyes! And feel, it... Don't, think!

(your brain is too small) ...

Each, of us, is apart, of God! Cut off! Him...

With our, own, will! Scarey...

Will! Without, positive, intent!

Leads you, away! From, the maker!

(I'm timeless) into, darkness...

We are, light beings! Lost in, the death! (The dark)

Of matter, and flesh!

Is not, real! We, create! And won't, take!

When, we die...

God's, dream! Is God's, nightmare...

We, create! And we'll, take! When, we die...

Make, the night! Your, friend!

It gives, you, perimeters...

(my friend) frames, your picture! Your, end! My, fiend...

Gives, your God! An, edge! To, kill! The wolf!

In this, planet! Disgusting! Earthly, dimension...

I feel, the universe! In, my knees!

The, universe! Is, me...


The wolf, is me! The wolf, is you!


What, to do?


It's, existential! Use your, potential!


One, thing! Is, many things! Mashed! Cut, together!

To make, one thing! Ask, mike! It's, the real, thing!

One thing, mashing!


Don't, think! Don't, stop! Spend!

Big, truck! Small, dick! Mind, trick!

You're, jealous! Because, you know!

You're, angry... Because! You, don't know!

That's, all! That, it's! Ever, been, about!

The, light, pierces! Goes, through! The dark, pieces!

The dark, can't, go through, the light!

Put, a ring! Around it!

You can't, get out! Of, your own, thoughts!

Neither, can I... At least, they're mine!

The lasso, is thin! Call me, king!

The grey, mass! Is fat, fat! Ya' big, dumb, truck!

I got to, cop it! My, genius! Is so, radiant!

You hide! The grey, mass, is wide!

You, hide...

Behind (the) an object, because, you are, a shadow!

A person! Is, a percent, of God! Of life...

Each child, makes, the sum! Persona, plus!

Kids, cure, cancer! Every, person! A plus!

Minus, Persona...

Per, son! The Lords, Son!

With every, person! Makes, a hundred, per cent!

I'll make, a new, universe! Per se', with, every, person!


God's, little, master...

Just, a bit, of fun...
Track Name: family (letter)


By Guy Moore

My son, is strong! Stronger, than me, my family...

Never, be sorry! What for? I don't, understand...

Be wrong, make, my son...

Little, gibson! Little, milat! Little zappa!

I, forgive you!

I feel, sorry! For, myself! Pity for, my thoughts!

Sex, to nought! Love's all, round God, thank you...

My, son! Makes me, stronger!

Is why, I need, him! He, needs me...


I, steal! And, stole! Your hype! I get, a better, price!

Skin, slice! Sold! Thank, you...

Maybe, I can, be, his friend, one day,

Maybe, I can be, his friend, one, day!

Maybe, I will, be! His, friend! One, day...


I think, you're, a pervert!

Because, you're, talking! To me!

Lord, I'm (truly) lost, without, You...

All, my brain, can do, is walk! Along, the track,

To seek, I stumble! In, the creek!

All I, can do! Is talk, along, the light, track!

Draw you, a picture! And make, you (them), a song,

Eat, a burger! And, do! A pooh! Have, another bong...

The owner, will, make sure! There aren't, too many, owners!

And, the boss! Will, make sure!

There, is, only! One, boss!


The blue, woman! In, the rain...


It's lots, of things! At different, times...

Death is, looking! Into, the mirror,

Life! Is when, the mirror! Is not, there,

Truth! Is when, you close, your eyes!

It's all, fuel! Baby... is evil, loved?

Shoes, and clothes, Layers, and stations,


Horny, neighbors! Doing, horny, things!

When mike, kills! A tranny, whore! All lives, are changed!

And, reality! Is not, real!

Unless, you've got, a badmouth!

A place, where, men! Are, mean! And, bad!

And women, are worse! We're all, born dead!


A palace, man built, phallus


I don't, drop hints! And cater, to, the mass! Cynic,

And who, is brave! Or, stupid, enough!

To be, a sarcastic, skeptic! Around, me! Not, one!

Because of, the spirit! That, tells it!

I just, say! What, it is!

People, believe me! Because, they can, feel! The truth!

I may be, crazy, to God! With my, human brain!

But that's, the twist!

Everyone, else! Is, fucking, insane!

The other, world! Uses, me! To communicate, stuff,

In, the other, world! It's, the, same world!

That's what, we have! To learn! In this, life,

(is) to increase, (our) awareness,

And, to know, that, understanding! Is pure, ignorance!

The most, intelligent, beings! Are, inter-dimensional,

Free, to feel! Explain, and roam! Dream, and know,

That is, the high! life...

It was, eleven! To twelve, at night!

I was, saying, my prayers!

Eyes, open! But, falling! Into, semi-conscious, sleep,

When, It! Appeared... Hovering, above me, in my, room,

(where I sleep), I see, his, happy, smiling! Face!

And tells, me, "thank you", not his, voice,

But inside, me! Connected, to God! The source...

I see! Stuff! All, the time!

Taken, astral, journeys! Seen, my guardian, angel!

Other, worlds! And old, wars! Old, Buddha!

(And) bearded, men! And this, beautiful, woman!

Who, showered, me! With gold, and riches,

Then, God! Came, down! On his, throne,

God, Jesus Christ! A crown, with jewels! All around,

God! Jesus, Christ! And the, holy spirit!

Is the, same thing!

Water, steam! And ice! Is, the same! Thing!

God! In his, archetypal, form! Made out, of ice!

With, fire! In, the eyes!

Man, I talk, to, the dude, all, the time,

He's, always! Talking, to me!

But I, don't! Want to, listen!

Because, my brain! Won't stop! So then, I shut up!

To absorb, and learn...

And (then) the whole, shit! Opens up!


In India, I was, put under, (a) black magic!

Spell! By, a witch!

It was, bad... Like being, under, muddy, cloudy, water!

For, three days! I could, see! My body, sleeping,

Know, what lurks! In, the dark, too! Stay away!

When, your soul's, in trouble!

Only (the) light, can save, you!

I know, this! Not, from, a crappy, cult! Or, church book!

But, real life, experience!

This reality, (is not) isn't real! God's, inside you!

You don't, even, have to, think! For, yourself!

"It" does...

I asked, the holy, big Boss!

To make, my life! In God's, control!

Because, I'm lazy!

And I, didn't, want! The, responsibility!

I'm (on), auto pilot! That's, smart!

So I, have less, stress!

And no, bullshit! To worry, about,

Is why, I'm not, normal! Thank God, truly...

What you, feel! And (what you), don't know, is...

Example... the spirit, won't die!

But everything, else, will!

Because, this dimension! Is a, sandbox!

Your, doodle... Wiped, clean! At end, of play,

Enjoy, your time... You don't (won't), have long...

Then I, fell asleep... a peaceful, sleep,

Usually follows, seeing, a good, spirit! Peace,

I feel, more, released! And relaxed...

Now that, I've written, this!

He wanted, me, to tell, you,

I see, the unseen! It's more, real! Than, real!

It's, magnetic! It's all, light!

We're, a bit, of God! Cut off! (Him), dying...

Living, and lying...

We experience, God! Through, life!

And, life! Through, God!

He just, wants, you! To be, happy!

That, makes! More, life! More, light! More, love!

Is God, is love, Is a, higher frequency...

To make, more, life! Is, light! Is God! Is love...

The pain! Is just, a filler! To make, you brighter!

Manurer, to grow! Make, you! Stand, out! More!

Is, your friend...

I can, go on, for ever! Till never,

God, gave me! The light, key!

He, uses! Thrashes! The, shit, out! Of me!

I'm lucky, though, too! I know, I'm privileged,

Is why, He trusts, me!

Because, I'm ready! For, the truth!

And will, not lie! Or my, soul! (Spirit) will, die!

Ready, for, the truth! Not afraid, of it!

A fiend, for it! And I, promised God! Our, agreement!

(God,) I will! Express it! Because, I can, take it!

(Be careful, what you, pray for)

Otherwise, I'd be, dead! In more, ways! Than one!

It's, extreme! I can, go, here! There!

Anywhere! At any, time!

But I, just let, it, come! To me!

(And) Keep, it simple,

With great, powers! I am, most! Irresponsible,

I should, get, a cape!

Any - way, we're all, connected!

How much, and, to what! Is up, to, the individual...

It's not, racial! Or cultural... It's spiritual...

God's, a genius!

I try, hard! Not, to write! So, I won't, have to!

To see! What, I write! Then, the fountain,

These are, good chains! It's not, male! Or female!

It's beyond, this, earthly sexuality...

It's one, of all! And all, of one,

We are, bits! And, pieces! Of God's, brain!

What, a pervert!

P.s. I realize, I had, to say! This,

I feel, much, lighter! (And) Higher! Now,

(I) Feel like, I had, a monkey! On, my back!

Your dad, loves, you! Very much! Intense...

What, a boss! I didn't, mean, to write! A lot!

You deserve, it! I'm smiling, now! ... Yes!


My two, year old, daughter! Calls me, boom-boom head!

You are! A boom-boom, head! (My friend said)

Show your, dad! Some, respect!


"Ok fat bum!"
Track Name: joe (another man)

(Another man)

By Guy Moore

Joe, is a, man! Short, in name! Short in, stature...

Joe's, trade! By profession, is, "a man..."

Who builds, rooms! For every, imaginable, person...

Joe, died! Tomorrow... His room, was left, empty!

Too many, beats! Are in, time! Sure, it's sad!

Who is, one man! To tell, another man! What, to do! You?!

Does that, one man! Feel, he can, alter! Another, mans!
Destiny? Or does, he lack, the confidence!

To tell, himself! What, to do?

So he, does! What, another man! Tells him, to do!

So he, tells! Another, man! What, to do!

So the, other man! Does not!

The other, man! Is simply, illustrated! As, a symbol!

Of, chaos! And, rebellion! Against unity!

The false, sense! Of strength!

The false, sense! Of security!

Does, security! Sleep, in unity! Or individuality?

A personal, security! Of ones, personality!

Was, the black! Cloud! Apparent, only after...

The stop sign!

Or did, it! Give birth! In one, man!

Telling, another man!

What, to do! And then, gather weight!

As another, man! Does so, and so... (and so on)

Before, the other, man! Let it, thunder!

(Joe) let it, thunder joe! The other, man! Another man!


Heavy, and suppressed!

The single, tone! Of grey, was accepted!

And it, was, intolerable!

The small, people! Confined!

Into, their, even more, accepted!

Monotone, bones! (Of) n' boxes!

Of you, know! And, I know...

The, anticipation! Was skin, pulling!

Till it, finally, snapped! Old senses, relics!

Ideas, and ideals! Were left, to be, rained!

And, thundered upon! Consolation, was given!

The storm, of destruction! Was sure! And, no doubt...

Noise (was) heard!

A new, light! Was now, clear!

The inhabitants, left, their sun, drenched boxes!

For their, sun, drenched, fields! Of blacks, and whites!

Colours! And (kids, with) kites!

Some chose, to stay! In, the air! - cut!

And the, pressure low! Energy, high!

With stars, in, the sky!


Sabita, grew wheat! Reminiscent, from, layers ago!

(sabita grew wheat) a tree, grew! A layer!

A man (joe), told sabita! Where, to grow! Her wheat!

The sun, went west! The moon, was given...
Track Name: muduku

Cutey, cunty!


Mare! With a, little! Cute, bear...

You never, want, to manage! The undone!

God, I'm your, forgiven Son! I'm sorry, I'm blessed! Coca-
cola, never! Robbed, my soul! Rub... rub... rubber!

I think, you'd make, a good, ghost! One day...

In my, special! World! Of, muduku! I do!

Near death, experience! Makes, a new! Birth!

I'm, serious! Lord, muduku! There's, only! One! Muduku!

It's not, the size! Of the, cone!

But, the man! Who, smokes it! I'm, busy! Get busy!

A lot of, things! Have to, be said!

A lot of, things! Don't! Have to, be said! Things!

Funny... I was, thinking! The same, thing! About you!

You've got, the money! And you've, got! The look!

If you, don't! Have, the money!

Then you, can! Get! The look... Of, money! Well spent!
Not a, cent! On me! Shiny, and hard! Slick, lines!
Painted, brows! Arab women! Brown, cows! Western women!
We, kill'em! You, move me! And I, move you!

It's a, beautiful! Place, to be!

A beautiful, thing! To do! Muduku!

Faker! You're not, a painter!

The, brain! Is, magnetic! You, collect! What you, think!

Someone, who stands, out! So much!

Wants to, fit in! So much!

I'm, outside! Because, I stay! Inside!

And, write! To, the outside! From (about), the inside!

To take, it! Outside! And show (them), you! My inside!


Bigger, the word! Smaller, the brain! Condescending! Love,
who? That's for, you! Dave-vid! Manifestation!

Bicentennial, celebration!

God is, truly! The mad, scientist!

Creation, is evolution! "Evolution, is creation"

Ear! And, eye! Chunky, eggs! And chunky, tuna!

Toe! And, lips! Fake! Ya', can't paint!


It's, good! Being, me!

Because I'm, smarter! Than, everyone!

(Have you) I've seen, "ghost-busters"!

It's all, real dude! Lord muduku! Moo-doo-koo!

Call me, as soon, as you, can!

A truly, bizarre! Angry! And emotionally, deranged!

Loaded, raw genius! You gotta, see it! To believe, it!
(There's) nothing else, like it!

I'm abusing, people! On, the train! Going, to work!

Who's, the jerk? Yes! I'm, a legend!...

You'll (I'll), change! Grow up! It'll, be good!

When great, people, die! Is when, their, real life! Starts!

The mantra, they leave, behind! Is the, most powerful!

And makes, us, most grateful! To have, known them! Amen...

The death! In, the life! How much, they, mean! Meant!
Make up, your life! You realize! Especially, loved ones...

Be strong... my wife (da), got a, call yesterday...

Her dad, is about, to die! How, exciting!

Life's all, death... makes, new life!

It's only, a vicious, cycle! If you're, a vicious! Person!

Love you! muduku!
Track Name: light key

By Guy Moore

Doors! We haven't, opened! Keys! We don't, have!

The poetry, of lies! Exploit! Don't, explain!

Seals, look cute! (But) slugs, look ugly!

You think, I'd be, proud! To be, associated!

With, someone! Not proud! To be, associated! With me?!

Too smart, too slick, I won't, trip!

We can, put everything, together, today!

But you, have, to do! What I, say...

Trust me, it's, Sunday! ...

Enjoy, the sunshine! And flowers, grow...

Take the, good thing! From, the past!

Otherwise, you fuck, up! The future!

Blood, and war! Is all, life! Is, for!

Ooo'! I'm so, jealous!

Blood, and war! Is what, man! Is for!

Good, mistakes! God, mistakes!

The zone... To quick! To think!

The, boredom! Is, torture! Is, crazy!

And it's, not! Boring, because! It's crazy!

Tree, rings! And, finger prints!

Two minds, and, one nature...

There's, beautiful! Gardens, in every, street!

Don't, do, that! I love you, so...

Don't, do that! I love you, so... bargh- bargh- bauogghh!

The willowy, flower! Escalates, to, the lean...

Green, tree! Willing... God, gave me!

The big, light key!

The science, of miracles! No formula, mister oracle!

Disappear, re-appear!

Movie, matter! Magic, nana! Manic, chatter! Manic matter!

The jelly, smoke! Drinks, the jelly, snake!

Big, dream! Out the, lolly bag!

In, the hand! Thank you, mam...

Sophisticated! Phone... For, spasticated people!

Stirrin', shit! Bored off, ya' tit!

It's a, miracle! Mister, oracle!

I'm a, little, smelly boy! Said a, little! Smelly boy!

Light key! I'm your, childhood!

I'll haunt, you... The rest! Of your, fucking life!

And then, some... not that, I meant too...

Tell, God! I'm, the bully!

That's right, He's, not real! Either,

So it, doesn't matter! You don't, matter!

I don't! Matter!

What's, the matter? So tell, your mum! Before, she dies!
You eat lies!

Night key!


Light key! Light key, light key, light key...
Track Name: i love you

(To God)

I, love you... I love, you! I love, you... I love... you!

(A love song; song about love, love for God, love for all
that I love and is loved... change to hate - don't like what
is loved - then finds love again)
Track Name: japanese moon

(In India)

By Guy Moore

Forget, about tomorrow...

And let, a Christian! Tell you! About, today!

(I'm a unaustralian Christian...)

She won't, forget! My name...

And I, won't! Lose, her game...

Four, homes! Two teams! To, the left! Of, the monastery!

Her map, won't burn! I remember, what she, gives me...

(a snoopy key ring) and make, what, I can!

Let an, eleven! Year, old! Get lost!

Let a, smile! Relieve, your name...


I look, as good! As you, think!

And think, as good! As, I am! I have, all! That, I think!

And lose, all! That, I can!

I want, all! That, I think!

And waste, time! In, thinking!

Look at, takako! Gain, a feeling! Look at, me now!

Gather, a thought! I feel, better! Than, I think!

Arigato! Takako! Please stop, shaking me!

My crazy, Japanese!

Would you (and akira), yell! Into, my ear!

Have you, drunk! Too much, beer? My akira, man!

No problem, I agree!

As you, are! Another, is great! Nice, and polite!

The moons, sunshine! My crazy... just stop, shaking me!
But don't, leave! Me be! My crazy, womanese!

She is, great! As you, are! Moon shake! My crazy...

How do, I thank, the smile! In, my trip!

But to, repay her! With, hate! On, a train!

(A) ruin! In, a room! I'm sorry!

To repay, her! With, a smile! As, a wish!

For her, to appreciate, me!

Is for, me! To appreciate, her!

Not as, a traveler, or guide! But as, a friend!

In, my soul!

A friend! In, my sight! My, friend! For life...

Arigato, takako...